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own foreign policy side have been with this freeze movement but it will embarrass the president so let's cool that while they are crying because they know they can win the fight. so not just about praying with those guys it is the big stuff expressing a common patriotism i think that was there. also always been able to talk. willing to talk because in a marriage you attitude be able to communicate. the jokes and the parties in the toast kept the door open he could call reagan to say mr. president is after 6:00 they could negotiate these deals and that is what this book is about. i think that is it. willingness to talk is the most important fact is dead serious. evil -- secretary louis things we have enough but we're not sure because receipts committee people pay their taxes and you don't know how expensive is moved around. to but this is my pitch that we don't pay attention and make some kind of agreement before the 17th. people say you should be religious but if there is a heaven or hell also assume there is? that is a good decision but nobody wants to find out. [laughter] we don't kn
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1